Each Government participating in a project shall implement the relevant project components assigned to it and shall make available the necessary facilities and personnel for the implementation of the project and take all reasonable and appropriate steps for receiving experts, fellows, participants in training courses, etc.​​​​​​

Each participating Government through the National Coordinator shall submit to the IAEA an annual report on the implementation of the components of the project assigned to it during a given year. The report shall be submitted prior to the end of December of that year. These reports will be taken into account in the preparation of the draft annual report to be considered by the TWGM. The draft annual report shall be sent by the IAEA to the National Coordinators not less than 3 weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

The Technical Working Group Meeting (TWGM) through the AFRA Programme Management Committee (AFRA-PMC) has overall responsibility for the supervision of the implementation of AFRA projects. The AFRA-PMC shall review, during its meetings, the participation of Member States in AFRA projects and shall apply the criteria of participation for each case to be reviewed.​​​​​​

Wherever possible, provision of experts for AFRA projects should be from within AFRA countries since AFRA is essentially focused on Technical Cooperation amongst Developing Countries (TCDC). Similarly, wherever possible, maximum use should be made of the training opportunities offered by AFRA countries for fellowship training, and scientific visits.

AFRA Members States which can offer the services of experts should forward personal and technical data relating to such persons to the IAEA and such information should be continuously updated. It is extremely desirable for AFRA countries to offer cost-free experts and host training activities at “no cost” to the AFRA Programme.

The IAEA will use United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) offices for providing the services which UNDP offices provide to other IAEA projects, such as clearance of equipment, issuing of airline tickets to participants, etc.

The IAEA will also make evaluations of completed AFRA projects and make them available to all AFRA Members.